Get To Know Mufasa

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• How can you describe yourself in a summarized manner?
A performing artist, a passionate being and a complicated young man.

• When did you pen your first independent piece (poem or story – apart from school work)?
4 years back… I was going through stuff and I used to lock myself in the house (read crib) just watching something or scribbling something down ( reminds me of ‘jotting’ letters in high school…I digress)

• What inspires your writing?
God, extraordinary people, ordinary people, and life experiences

• Apart from writing what else do you do? (Hehe we know how that question feels like)
Perform! Haha

• What do you think is man’s greatest invention?
Telephone. I’m not even going to start explaining.

• Who would you term as a Kenyan hero? Why?
The late Wangari Maathai.
Locally she wasn’t celebrated, personally she wasn’t here to be celebrated.
She was here to live a life with a purpose.
Her international accolades aside, and apart from fighting injustices and corruption at a time when gender barriers were so real, she put her life in danger for nature, for trees. Trees are life, and trees take years to grow. She facilitated the planting of millions of trees, she left us with life.
How many leaders today will fight for something they will not be there to reap? Look at our kind of leaders today, it’s all about them.

• The world was to end tomorrow, what would you do till then?
When all is said and done, family is family. I will spend the last day with them. Eat together, not sleep, pray together.

• What’s your earliest memory?
Pre-school. I used to pee on myself. So I dreaded sleeping in the afternoon-which was a school routine- because each time I woke up, I had messed up my clothes.

• If you were a cartoon character, which one would it be?

• Three words to describe your brain?
Dynamic, absorbent, discombobulated

• What is that song that never gets boring to your ears?
Macy Gray – I Try

• What is the most unforgettable thing that has ever happened to you on stage?
This one time I had a lot on my mind and it was quite overwhelming. I Left the stage in the middle of my performance and went straight home.

• What is that thing you did as a kid you wish you still would?
Not worry about bills

• What do you think of the Kenyan creative and artistic industry?

The upsurge is amazing. The birth of the art galleries! The queues for plays every weekend, these new music from new, young, energized artists, spoken word included in events…
We have great actors for screen, great script writers today, but I believe corruption in our local TV stations is taking us back. I mean how else would you explain those absolutely mediocre programmes on a leading station when great pilots are being shot each day. The rate at which people queue to buy movies in town has been accelerated by the basic fact that there isn’t much to watch on TV.

Oh, and I’m still at the part where we just let Nairobi Half life hang out there alone…it’s a cold world you know. What if we had followed it up with something else just as great. That said, I am sure funding is a major impediment here.

• Who’s that character you wish you’d pull out of the screen/book and elope with?
There was Sara Melas in Hitch played by Eva Mendes.
Although lately, Shailene Woodley in any role

• Any random question you’d like to ask the world?
And what really happened to rap music?

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