Burning Bridges

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It’s been almost a year since they chained you here
The scars on your arms they bleed
the sores on the soles of your feet they fester
The voices in your head they remind you,
That irregardless of how many times you slit your wrists…
They’re the only ones always beside you
They remind you,
that you’ve had dark nights and darker days, days when the much you could hold on to

Is the weight of your head on your shoulders

And for that moment you wondered how much the air above your head weighs

How comes you have so much of a will but so few ways?

And how comes the pain left more scars than gains?

I hope, you find yourself
I hope you track down your dreams like the scent of dust just before a downpour
With a million raindrops around you beating down on the earth
I hope their sound reminds you of your beating heart
That night you decided you were going after your dreams
You were going to trap them in a glass jar
And display it in your living room right next to everything you hold dear
I hope you will find yourself
Learn to walk away from your past
Burn down the bridges so you may never return
And may the bridges you burn light your path


I hope you will seek to find love
Find love outside your ex’s arms

And when you do love hard

Love hard like dried ground that’s just been hit by the shade

Of dark-gray clouds

Slowed down and burdened by the rains of days past, love
I hope, you will learn to value the trips back into yourself
Because only within yourself will you find the one who truly loves you for you
So go on, learn to read love in the curves of your smiles reflection
When you look into your eyes look closely and keenly
look past the fragments of your broken heart
past the paths with the blood stained wall-graffiti
look past the corner of your mind where you so much fear to go to
and there I hope
you find a table set for two
because love has always been there waiting for you
may you learn to walk away from your past
burn down the bridges so you may never return
and may the bridges you burn light your path


May the streets of this city guide you
and street lights inspire you
May the Dedan Kimathi and Tom Mboya statues remind you
that the streets of this city they twist
they intertwine like tree roots
they built dreams by the blood of slain soldiers
have you been tried to the point of death yet?
so go on
wear your heart on a sleeve
heart attacks kill but heartbreaks don’t
so you still have time to dream a little more
love a little more and fall into where your lonely fits


May the fears that held you back at the edge
and the feel of ropes against your back
remind you that you have a heart the size of a hot air balloon
so go on… Jump off that cliff
you will rise… You will rise… You will rise
above and beyond the expectations they set you will rise
above the sticks and stones they threw to weigh you down you will rise
you will rise!
like the rose that grew from concrete
you will rise to read the skyline of this concrete jungle
you will rise!
I hope you find yourself
learn to walk away from the past
burn down that bridge so may nevet return
and may the bridges you burn light your path

Kelvin Kaesa

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