Silver Dance (Josy W)

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will let you know of this my curse, that a scorpion a scare get, a rattle snake a dance on my toes, kisses in hisses, such tales ain’t to be told by my barefeet, a desert sand long missed, but today you breathed life to a dying thought, many a hours tick tock death invited, […]

Stolen Dance

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she stole a dance for me, said i wait for her on that second flight, an entry together make, took my best saved, a night in memories be thought of, rode vintage wheels to the hall, kept busy watching the clock tick, turns made, never her slippers heard on that silent night, just hi’s and […]

Tin Glass

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today before a voice spitting box, before burning coal that a mountain hill cold chase, below these mountain slopes that a fog blind, i dine in a house of meaness, evil stitched eyes that in darkness burn, silent tones that wish you away, and this be the way they be, that invite you by mouth, […]