Hey Love

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Hey Love, I’m sorry it’s taken some time for me to write back to you. I’ve read all of your messages and I know you’ve been worried sick. I truly am sorry, but with everything that has happened lately I couldn’t bring myself to leave the house, let alone reach out to you.


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I’m on the pursuit of peace But I don’t know if it’s a he or a she I have no idea what peace is She’s never visited me Never once touched my face and let me feel her soft touch I hear people praise her They say she’s just and fair But why is she […]

Kenya Glides In Beauty

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Kenya glides in beauty. Her refinements of green and gold, grace her rounded hills. She is warm, she cries rivers, she beckons with mysterious flirting lashes of cumulus clouds. She hides her seething intelligence behind Iroko trees and waving palms. Well read, and diverse, she lets men see only what she wants them to see. […]