I Am Kikuyu…Or Am I?

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I am a Kikuyu. My name is Ngatia. I speak the language fluently and can read and write in it. In fact, it was the first tongue I learnt. My mother tongue. I can name all 9 (+1) clans. Though I’m worse than frozen steak where business is concerned, I still am a legit, original […]

Catching A Thief

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It was an early May evening and Murerwa was mad for two reasons; one – it had started raining. Two – someone was stealing his chicken. The second reason was why he was angry at the rain. He had planned to stay up all night and see if the clown would climb over his rusted […]

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Loosening Up

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It will happen unexpectedly, like a pop up window. You’ll be walking down a footbridge, escorting this girl you fancy to her hostel from a film gig. Later on, as you write about the whole thing, you’ll try to remember what lead to it, what you were discussing the moment before and you will end […]