Have a Printsy Evening!

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Kitenge prints are currently quite the sensation among fashion lovers both locally and internationally. At the rate its popularity has grown, it’s hard to imagine that in the recent past, kitenge used to be associated with elderly, mature women (some with a sense of style and a magnanimous head gear ; read Orie Rogo Manduli) […]

Shoes ni Necessity

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  Shoes are a necessity. Kwa wengine ni accessory. It’s like a necklace to them.lazima imatch na nguo unless unataka achekwe. Ndio maana unaona dame kavaa kiatu open na anapitia kwa matope ili akae mrembo. Hajui anaonyesha watu IQ level yake.labda hiyo ndio watu huita common sense juu hautapata dame amevaa gumboots with a common […]