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“I wanna live forever young, do you wanna live forever?” Ambia JayZ kaburi ni jumba lake la maisha, ‘Cause ya ulimwengu yataisha, Smile zitaboeka, beauty itazoeka, Watabomoa ukuta na kisha watajenga ufa, uhai utakufa. Mapenzi itachukia, Kwa world dhambi itakua na ufalme na kifo itakua malkia. Wanyama watagive birth to binadamu, Chuki itatabasamu, Science itacreate […]


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Last night, after almost 60 days of not seeing a clear sky partly due to smog and partly due to the weather, I went star-gazing. I noticed one of the stars was being a renegade, it had refused to twinkle. That is when my Physics Form one smacked me and I remembered that the “star” […]


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Skies darkened as the clouds shed ruby tears In consternation and premonitionEarth trembled All souls still surviving felt the overflow of fears in them. Seas rose as the mountains crumbled Orcus appeared from the crevices spewing bubbly lava Livings sought shelter far from the gods’ ire But they were not safe even under their trusted […]