I Got Wine

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I’ve got my bottle of wine and my pack for the ride.
I know it’s going to be a long one tonight.
I’ve got my built in smile and my hang on speech coz
I know I’m going to need ‘em sometime

Days like these even the sun doesn’t fix the cold
When you’ve gotten so used to hearing the sound of yourself breaking
You know some people were just not built to bend
They get thrown into life’s arena
Without being given a fighting chance
Every time the battle gets harder to rise from

But still I wear my pride on my chest like a war-time medal
Even with bloodied knuckles and broken ribs from a fight lost one too many times
color me blue, color me scratched and wounded
count me beaten and broken
clutching onto the last bits of happy I can find
falling apart, anyway

Tears never really dry out you know,
Even when they do hearts don’t forget the paths they took falling
Shadows of pain hurt more than the pain itself
It’s doing time even after the price has been paid
And it does collect, coming round without calling first and
I can hear my doorbell ringing
So I’ve got my bottle of wine and my pack for the ride
And hope when the waves stop crashing they’ll wash me up where I can find my way back.

Star: Ubiquitous like a star, unknown like most

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