Hope | by Sanna Arman

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When the sun is too confident to shy away

And the heavens open up

As if to wash away the sins of mankind

An arch forms in the skies

Richard of York gave battle in vain








Richard of York gave battle in vain.



From different walks of life gather outside

Or by their windows

Sometimes taking out their smart phones

Begin to snap away

Admiring the beauty that is the rainbow

Thinking what a sight

What a beautiful sight.


On the following day

They cross paths on the streets

Or sit across each other in coffee shops

Having a hard time working with black and white

A well-found love for the distant

But none for that which is close



They attempt to tear the world apart

Drones in Afghanistan

Trade the art of understanding for stereotypes

Create geographical boundaries

Call it progress

Yet nature remains one

And the world

An impenetrable round sphere

The waters make room for land

Night and day beg each other a pardon



Masters of apathy

Judging each other by sexuality

Claiming to practice spirituality

Using the same books

That lay by their bedsides teaching compassion

Love thy neighbor as you love thyself



In mathematics

They taught us that numbers don’t lie

Numbers are accurate

Number can’t be cheated

One plus one equals two

Remember that they said

So we learnt individualism

And separatism

But even maths got that wrong

Examined carefully

One plus one

Just makes for a better, stronger





Softens you they say

I think they

Were right

Because the day I fell in love

They day I fell in love

I let go of the antagonistic thoughts

That made me want to pick up a gun

Instead picked up a pen

Decided not to take life

But through my words

Give life to hope.


For if we stopped the hypocrisy

We would understand coexistence

If we dissolved ourselves of selectivity

We would realize the essence of humanity

And so this

This is prayer for humanity

And this

This is a reminder

Of the one thing always left to hold on to



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