Dear Afrikan Child | by @SannaArman

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Dear Afrikan child,

Every time they tell you ‘you cannot be’

Remember that you taught them

Before they robbed you

Stole from your womb

But you were never void

Attempted to forcefully abort your civilisation

And adopt it as theirs…

A wise people once said

‘the worst you can do to truth is cloth it in lies, you cannot undo it’

So remember

They may not celebrate those who look like you

But this sophistication they now exclude you from

Was built by those who looked just like you

The Afrikan soil they now shame

Molded great men just like you.


Afrikan child,

Never falter when “me I” rolls off your tongue

When they question your grammatical correctness

Question their linguistic prowess

For even after years of forced settlement on your lands

They still cannot comprehend your Tigrinya, Amharic, Shiluk, Swahili, Berber, Kikuyu, Luo, Yoruba or Fulani

Or seek answers to maswali fulani from Google

So when they say you’re inferior


in acknowledgement of a punch line

If they care to know the joke

Educate them on the irony in their usage of speech

As a tool to demean you

Yet that speech

Came from the monkeys.


Afrikan child,

Do not lie in foreign beds

Of insecurity and emptiness

They were not made for you

Do not compromise your queens for singles

The blood of Kings runs in you

Claim your throne

Do not fall victim of falsified tales


Take your rightful place

For you are the chosen one

With the power to re – write the stories of your people.

Afrikan child,

You are of a strong people

Your existence an act of rebellion

For even in the harsh weather

You defy his – story

Reminding them of a history untold

Singing songs of the heroes unsung

Standing tall for a people unbroken

Telling them of a truth unspoken

Vast tales of a people unshook

From Kush to Mali

Pen stories of kingdoms buried

Remind them you are still not barren.


Mtoto wa Afrika,

Kumbuka fimbo ya mbali haiuwi nyoka

Akili ni mali

Na ajuaye alipo toka hujua anapo kwenda

Seek knowledge

Learn of the greatness that was

Know that you are the greatness that be

Revive kingdoms with the understanding

That the melanin in your skin

The fullness of your lips

The thickness of your thighs

Are ancient manuscripts

Wrote thousands of years ago

Encapsulated in a densely melanated work of art

You are a reminder of greatness that was

Greatness stole

Greatness that resides

For every black buried

Ten thousand keep rising.


Featured Image: Osei Tutu depicted by artist Alfred Smith for Anheuser-Busch’s Legends of The Crown

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