Bad Man

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There is a man outside my door,

his shadow looms behind the curtain,

he is huge and has a menacing voice.

He wants to come in my house

he wants my money,

he wants to shout at me,

he wants me to know he is angry.

He wants to kill me.


But I won’t let him in.

All the lights in my house are switched off and all the curtains are drawn,

he’s evil eye cannot peer in.

I am sitting behind the door, quiet and still.

Only God can hear me breathing.

Only he knows am in the house,

the cockroaches that always avoid me are inches away from me.

In this scenario I am their God,

I can choose to squash them as I’ve always wanted.

But I won’t. Because just like them,

I am praying to my GOD to make the big scary man who wants to squash me to go away.


I knew he would be coming today, that’s why I waited for him naked,

if I wore any clothes he would hear the ruffle of my cotton pants and my silk shirt.

I drank all the water I could so that he doesn’t hear my dry throat wrestling.

I ate all the food I could so that he doesn’t  hear my stomach rumbling.


He is calling out loud now,

Swearing to himself that he won’t go until I come out or come in.

I can hear my neighbors telling him to go away, that I am not in.

I can hear my neighbors whimpering because he just shoved them against the wall and tied chains around their necks.

Like slaves.

Like dogs.


It is a week and a half since he came; he didn’t leave my door as promised.

I did not move an inch either.

I am dirty and cold.

I have grown a beard big enough to cover my face and my fear.

The bad man cooks and eats at my door.

He doesn’t clean the floor.


I rise up slowly and I open the door.

The clicks and clangs of the clocks wake my neighbors and the bad man.

They all gather to see, the bad man has an evil grin.

He waits to pounce.


When the door finally opens… It reveals to them all a man they have never seen.

A much stronger man than the bad man,

he asks the bad man “What’s all the ruckus at my door?”

He asks with so much stamina and vigor, unlike the man who lived there before.

The bad man cowers into a corner and trembles

and slowly, while shaking he says,  “Sorry sir, I have the wrong house.”

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