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I’m afraid of growing up
Afraid of the responsibility
afraid that raising my child will be plagued with difficulty
and most importantly
afraid she might never love me
Being a Dad is a scary journey
to raise a kid needs money
And you can never have enough for your child
there’ll be needs and wants
and some wants I won’t want
I’ll have to lay down the law
Let her know I’m showing her love
I’ll have to peaceful like a dove
let her know that a good man doesn’t beat a woman up.
Responsibility that comes with being a daddy is easy to overlook
society expects it to be easy
Society doesn’t know that we get our hands greasy
doesn’t know that we hustle while our little jewels are sleeping
Hustle,loyalty, respect the rules of a good father??
Its just the mantra of a wrestler
on this father’s day praise your dad even if he’s done little for you
you should appreciate it Coz if he could do more,he would.

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