The Collector of Last Words | By Olubunmi Familoni

I’m a collector of last words. The first last words I collected in my career itched under my young dog collar: “Fuck your white god. If he.” Death interrupted the man. Closed his life with that final full stop. He had seen it in the way my feet counted steps when I walked in that […]

The Morning After | By Alvin Kathembe

Angela snapped wide awake. For a few seconds she just lay there with her eyes open, staring at the dirty ceiling.   Everything was wrong.   It was a strange room, with strange, sweaty smells; strange, dirty walls with tiny bloody pockmarks where mosquitoes had been squished. Beneath her was a strange, wafer-thin mattress through […]

The Last Time | By Mwambu Wekola

The rain fell hard against the windscreen of the Peugeot. It hammered the glass in an incessant rap and the sound it made seemed like it was trying to get his attention. He was seated behind the wheel, staring out into the rain but not seeing past his thoughts. He wandered in them the way […]



It all Started with Tea | by Dimakatso Sedite

It all started with tea. Heaven knows it started with the tea! That silent surge in my cup.. Pass it On!  

A Million Years |by Dimakatso Sedite

I waited a million years for you. Rivers rushed, crushed and parched, while I waited. Languages flourished and faded, while I waited. And then we met… and layers of endless time warped you and me into a pod … Pass it On!  

Where Seagulls Gather | by Dimakatso Sedite

We met on a bus. I got instantly attracted to him. It was a deep connection, something I couldn’t understand. I always thought he looked like one of my cousins, with whom I shared a grandfather who had roots in a village where this man is rooted. Just today I realised how much he looked […]


When brothers fight to the death, a stranger inherits their father’s estate.

Ibo Proverb

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Kenya has been a victim of terrorist attacks over the years including Post Election violence, which can be termed as domestic terrorism. We aim to examine these incidences and the stories they caused though poetry, monologues and dance.