Wells and Oceans

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Teach me to stand still not drawing jigsaws in my heart
Let my breath settle after running away from things thumping through my chest
as teeth rattle trying to form words out of my tangled thoughts
Emotions intertwined with fear-
I no longer distinguish the two.

You are an ocean
With tides and waves
I am the country girl whose eyes have not yet fed upon such might
You roar
Beat against cliff
Rush back with angst
Carrying life away
Promising again and again
That you’ll kiss the sand on my feet another time.

I am a well with calm waters
For you to bend admiring your visage in its eyes
Listen as it tells of beauty that knelt before it ages ago
Tasted the waters then left
Some soiling it
Others afraid that it will swallow them.

I love waves
they renew particles of sands at the beach of my heart
leaving and coming back-
Oceans hide the beauty of the moon behind it veils
and I want to learn the timing of tides
for them to carry me to the moon.

But wells
They stay still with an assurity
“I’ll be here
Through droughts and mud,
I’ll be here
Learning the language of your pupils
Mingling my water with your tears
For me to marry your spirit.”

Can we marry my well with your ocean?

Shiru wa Wanjiku

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