Policies | by Mufasa

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I’m at a stage in my life where I am sick.
Forget about routes and main roads, I am sick of policemen at my matatu stage.
I’m not scared of cults anymore. I am scared policemen can pass for Mungiki.
I’m not saying they resemble much, but I can swear, they collect much!

Just when did it become okay that if I catch a thief I should pay transport for him to go to cell?
I’m sorry Mr. Officer, I did not plan to be mugged today-
I planned to go home that’s why I have 50 for fare so for whatever you are asking you are not being fair.
New government, new police chief, but same systems.
Same, same systems.

I’m at a stage in my life where the full moon doesn’t give me short breathes anymore.
I have realized Sarabi’s music is too real.
Yesterday, I downloaded their songs,
strangled myself with their lyrics
so I could choke from realness.
It has been decided.
I’ll spend the rest of my life as a voice.
May the heavens prepare my chords I don’t want to speak about corruption badly.
The old men are busy ‘spoiling’ our young women.
Our corrupt leaders won’t face jail time so we use the free airtime bonus to call at each other.
You keep using your voting card like poker then blame the card system.
Our political systems exist to use up the dictionary but we just need English Aid.
For the sake of tomorrow, our English teachers should be paid better or how well will our future leaders learn about verbs, doing words.
Don’t be lied to.
It’s too late for you to wave like you don’t care.
Our environment is not what it used to be.
Maybe we’ve learned how to weather the worst, we don’t care about climate changes.
Healthy wildlife that give life to our economy are dying cruel deaths for you to look ‘sick’
My people got the wrong definition of unconditional love.
They keep waiting for time to change to vote for the same reasons.
They vote back leaders who speak division and multiply subtraction.
They bring back leaders who come back to bring up more 100 million budgets- 90 million for their families, 10 million for a million constituents.
So forgive me for not paying attention to an Mc rapping about cars. I do… Tire.
And if I’m too real then fake your listening because I will not be cowed by leaping ears looking for greener pastures
I already told you, I’m not trying to be your favorite poet, I’m trying to be the poet your favorite poet listens to.
It’s not a question of how old do you have to be for you to change the world
The question is, how old do you have to be for you to change yourself?
Just how much time do we need to find ourselves?
Or are we like the trees, rooted, still soul searching
That would explain why we have diamonds under this skin but our outer eyes are too greedy for flashy.
The devil knows
I heard Saturn has bright rings around it
But you should know
I choose the sun
I choose light that exists in tunnels
I choose stars that’s why I choose to be 10
I’m making cars out of milk packets pushing my dreams through milky way
I choose to exist beyond reality that’s why I’m marrying my future today
The past is my witness, I’ve been stuck in traffic before and before and before
But my playlist is always full of music that move me
You’ve heard about me
Down to earth don’t mean if it was up to earth, this earth could stop me
I exist in different forms.
My name is revolution and today I am here.
We might not have everything here but we are here, we can make something come here
But don’t mind if I have to leave.
I might be summoned to answer questions of which I have answers alright.
If they ask me, where are the youth?
I will tell them…
The youth are not somewhere, the youth are everywhere.
We have become voices and now we are rising.
We will not be affected by months; we will not be limited to march.
We will not be moved to violence but we have moved from silence.
We were not satisfied by dance moves, we have learned how to be moved to speak.
We found riches in knowledge far from gold and silver, we are not selling our votes; we are buying…



Born and brought up in Kenya, Mufasa is a performance poet currently based in Nairobi. A winner of multiple national SLAM Africa championships, he ultimately hopes his pieces achieve his vision of inspiring better values in the society. “It’s not about how good you are, it’s about how much you better the world”.

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