A Million Years |by Dimakatso Sedite

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I waited a million years for you.
Rivers rushed, crushed and parched,
while I waited.
Languages flourished and faded,
while I waited.
And then we met…
and layers of endless time warped you and me
into a pod …

Look over my shoulder,
you will see
millions of suns speckled on its shadow
whilst patience waited.
You will learn of cultures and empires
that thrived and perished
while I waited..

I waited since the end of time,
when black was blemished by beauty,
and black was not a belief
or being…
when black was a drape against which stars could dance,
when black was the sky….

Yes, even then I waited,
back then when rains remained rivers and
would not let sprinting fish choke limp
in the drying mess of mud…

It is 2016.
The rivers are dry
and our times are colliding,
the seven years between our births
become a farce
when I think of the years
I have been waiting for you.

I love you.

About the Author

Sedite is an emerging South African writer, poet and blogger who runs the blog nala4za.iblog.co.za.

2 thoughts on “A Million Years |by Dimakatso Sedite

  1. Mmmmm am so inspired as a writer too…You’re poems are interesting. Poetry heals,poetry lives…so proud

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