Death in the Night

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I watch them holding hands,
on that garden pave a walk take,
and what of those glances,
decoding a work to do,
and she unto him much a comfort,
such merry a sprint way seen,
and now the lock lips,
a tongue tie,
same way below the street lamp
a yester night memory,
and a deception many a calendar
turn been,
and now here all lies,
a books’ page torn I retrace,
and to you trusted moon,
that this pitch black part,
to this in brightness I to see,
and you stars by her side lay watch,
and you trees that I mock and laugh
at the misery that my heart raids,
hold it not against me,
for tonight am done with the pain,
walk to that warmth a home we
and I shall lay wait among velvets,
litter the walk in dark rose petals,
and I will wait until she in slumber
and past a silk lingerie this butchers’
I shall drive,
gag her cries till she is gone,
and that body a jerking stops,
and so woman,
to the paved lane a kiss you shared,
I will drag your cold corpse,
and hope your love finds you..


courtesy of Storyzetu


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