Nirvana | by Adhiambo

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Welcome to the day I decided you were the one.
Lips brushing as rain drew patterns on old windowpanes.
The day the stars fell into step with the jazz beats of our hearts,
As though they too swayed to Miles Davis on moonlit wooden floors.
You were unlike any other jazz tune that my ears found solace to.

Welcome to the day that our hearts began to unfurl from the depths of broken-hearted slumber.
The day we found release in open honesty.
Undressing dreams and fears to be left bare just by the look in our eyes.
The touch of your lips sends whispers like butterflies flying across orange skies.

Welcome to the day I entrusted a piece of myself to a stranger.
His eyes tracing the outline of my face as though to preserve a moment captured only by the seconds they were fixed on me.
I felt our spirits dance within each other’s gaze.
Dancing past forgotten yesterdays, eager to welcome the untouched and unspoiled tomorrows.
We were lovers frozen in an exquisite moment where two souls craving so desperately to become one, finally reached their apex.

I wanted nothing else but to capture this feeling in a jar of forevers.
Only to tease the lid open when my feeble brain can no longer conjure the gaze that held me hostage in a state of pure nirvana.

– Adhiambo

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