Love me, Today

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Let your lips graze over mine with the gentleness of your soul

the fingers of your heart reach out and touch mine

the fire that burns in your eyes set ablaze the embers of my being

your being inspire my being myself

every breath you take fill you with life.

Let us love each other today,

love me with each blink

let us soak in this season of love

Seek the bits of you embedded in my soul,

forever mine; even if today is the only forever we know

find me in the deepest darkest corners of your heart

let my love light up the darkness.

Your demons;

they don’t stand a chance.

Not today, as we lay here, our naked legs intertwined.

My demons, well;

they fled at the sound of your laughter


Yes. Divine, me and you,


Fingers interlocked, cradled in the nest of your chest.

Divine, God is with us today.

So, love me today

Speak tongues only my heart comprehends

Dream dreams only my soul can conceive

Smile, my love; laugh

Throw caution to the wind

Let it float away with our fears and differences;

today we are one.

Blossom before me, like a rose in its prime

Today is your season;

so just like the mangoes in December, ripen for me

Like a virgin, let me touch you for the first time

I know you’ve been kissed before,

but let my lips kiss your soul in ways unbeknownst to you

Let us sway to the unfamiliar rhythm of love

give ourselves to the beat

let loose and let the climax find us at the edge of the cliff

Jump with me, Baby

Trust me, love’s the softest landing

And we don’t have to land if you don’t want to

We can soar into the endless skies

Mutwiwa Kitengele

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