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Society refers to me with all my
other sides
A mother, a sister, a friend, career woman, and then a grandmother
And conceals the fact that I am a sexual being…
Silence screams my sexual side
Taught me that the name pussy
should not be said out loud
It is an abuse… or rather a name
for the weak
I am done with the chains of
sexual slavery

Society has forced me to be my
own sexual enemy
And even to pleasure myself is
seen as a sin
Haven’t we passed the decades of narrow windows of the mind
Made to think that a woman should not have sexual thoughts and desires
But isn’t having a healthy sexual
appetite a natural and beautiful
That should be praised and
talked about as long as you are
Am done with the chains of sexual slavery

Society makes me think that being a naughty, freaky, and sexy
Has to do with immorality, being
cheap, pornographic or degrading myself
I am breaking away from chains of the conservative mind
With no shame to feel desire and to state what I want
I whet it with fantasy… thought of me in all the sexual costumes
Policewoman, nurse,
I will visualize the foreplay
I am blazing up your mind with my sexual fires
Sexting, sexmailing, sexbooking
even sextweeting our sextcodes
Am done with the chains of sexual slavery

Society doesn’t like it when I talk
about sex
But I am done with the chains of sexual slavery
I love sex; the thought of two lovers naked drives me wild with
I am sexually confident to try
anything to keep my man with me
I am assertive and unashamed
about doing what it takes to have intense orgasms
I am a bad girl; I love my sexual
thoughts… I role play it my head
I am naughty; I play with toys…
and dress up the part
I am a wild girl; I tease with words, touch and dance
I am so in love with myself that I
love my gorgeous love canal
And will spread my legs wide and display it for my lover
I am my own erotic teacher and a happy wet dreamer
And I know the power of eye contact… when needed
I know how to touch him and for how long I should touch
Better; him I know the joy and
secrets to channel switching
And will not shy away from a
sexual conversation

Society could hate this poem
Those be my words
If they are fire… let them burn
I am done with the chains of
sexual slavery

© Namatsi Lukoye



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