I Can’t Control My Goosebumps | by Mufasa

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The first time I saw you, was the birth of the goosebumps my skin raises today
I have never known a moment like when it hit me, I would take lessons to speak your heart language.
This world is not meant for the weak, but I’m meant for the times my knees lose strength around you.

When I call you at night, you tell me about work, about your workmates.
I have never been to your workplace but I picture how you sit, where you sit,
and sometimes, the shoe you’re wearing.
I have been struggling to know exactly how you feel about me.
I want to know you inside out,
know where you hang your clothes so I can see the labels you hide on you.
I know you go to church on Saturdays
but are you a front row or back row kinda girl?
When no one is watching,
do you secretly dance in the kitchen?
And have you ever been with a boy so shy
the only way he could corner a queen is if he had a chess board in front of him
See, for many years this ship has sailed
This is the first time in a long time I’m stuck at the dock-
This captain, this ship,
this sea beneath me betrayed by your waves
I’m not moving and it only makes sense;
I have fallen for someone who lifts me.
We cropped a photo to be together and it still feels right
You asked me the difference between dating and being in a relationship
so before you ask me about love
I will tell you what my grandmother would say;
to love, is to have the courage to be kind,
there is no fairytale in a real world,
no prince charming in ponds, just frogs whose skin will make you sick to the stomach.
But if you ask me to describe you,
then I will tell you…
I think you are intimidatingly strange
and crazily stunning
Any girl who asks for my heart will not appreciate that you signed your name on it
Or that you found the edge of my soul, folded it into pages and filled it with your handwriting.
I have known fire to burn and I’ve known you to be a flame because it is hot in here
And if my heart is not a clown for you then how do you explain the circus in here?
But tell me about broken parts.
Tell me who to blame if you don’t feel exactly how I feel about you.
Tell me how many mechanics have worked on hearts that stopped when you said no to
and do they work anymore?
Tell me why it’s taking you too long to learn how to lay your head on my chest
or don’t you like how my heart misses beats for you
Tell me how to know I’m the one when you look at me because I feel light in my head I can let you carry me with your stare.
Tell me to wait,
and I will wait for you
I’m not saying there’s no one like you
I’m telling you today,
I will fall for you just as hard,
10 years from now.
Mufasa (c) 2015.


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Born and brought up in Kenya, Mufasa is a performance poet currently based at the capital, Nairobi. A winner of multiple national slam championships, no one comes alive on stage like Mufasa, his words dance with honesty and vulnerability but expressed powerfully enough to suspend an audience. He has graced various national events that include performing before the President and before the Chief Justice of Kenya a number of times.
Mufasa is arguably the one performance poet in Kenya who constantly speaks about the girl child and plights of women in the society.
His work is greatly influenced by his inner activism for equality and social justice, while drawing inspiration from; God, life experiences, personalities such as the late Wangari Maathai, Malala Yousafzai, and a field of worldwide creatives that include choreographer Sonya Tayeh, Emile Sande, Kenya’s band- Sarabi, and Saul Williams.
He hopes his pieces achieve his vision of inspiring better values in the society. “It’s not about how good you are, it’s about how much you better the world”.
Mufasa launched his first spoken word album on 12th of October 2014 at Alliance Francaise, Nairobi at an event dubbed, Unchained Voices.

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  1. awwww…simply the best,straight from the heart..just felt like it was me ,telling someone..

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