Lost | by El Poet

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I have lost my self in the great battle of Troy,
I dream girls, singing, singing Dream Girls’ latest hit,
I search myself to find the last drop of nectar,
Inside me, because I cant understand why girls call me sweet,
“Oh, he is so sweet”

I lost myself trying to find myself, myself is looking for me,
Argh!!!the torture!!! I’m lost in this verse, curse me with cursed curses!!!
What am I saying??? I told you I’m lost!!!
I see dead people, showing me the tongue face.
At least corpses have a sense of humour,
I have none,
I’m lost,
Lost picking fruits in the Amazon jungle,
Lost listening to my crush flirting with her man,
I’m lost trying to man up,
I am so sweet????
I’m lost in good taste.

Akil Ahmed

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