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I have been born in a world of
Since the queen bee ate the forbidden fruit, Eve
I have had nothing given to me on a silver platter
Taught that survival is only but for the fast and fittest
I have been forced to fight for
everything that my heart has
Lost I have been in dreams and
life even when skies were clear
and blue
Broken I have been even when I
have given my best and all
I have sank to the oceans deepest floors, hhen the beach was full of life
And drank earth’s larva in its hottest form
I have felt alone in this over populated world
And yet I am still here

All strength gone, I could only
…I am still here…
I have said my prayers in times of doubt and sorrow
And only seen my pen and paper, suffer and bleed under the stress of my pain
I have been lied to, accused abused, used, trashed and crashed
I have seen men mock me
And those who are just like me
judge me
Yet over over and over again
I am still here

© Namatsi Lukoye


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