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Tell us about yourself in a summarized manner?

Errrrrm, first, I am a human. I was born in the middle 90s into an average family. First of four boys and son of a dead father and a living mother.
I am a serious non-conformist who does not give a hoot about what people would say about me. I am not physically strong but I think I have a single bone. I used to be very effeminate but i ain’t any longer! And I am a son of GOD.

Three words to describe your brain?

Vagabond. Maverick. Sharp.

When did you launch your writing campaign?

I am not like others that will say they began writing immediately they could read! I cringe when I see such stuff. As for me, I started writing in my senior secondary class two. I wrote a poem titled “I am a boy” which my late father helped edit for me. And ever since then, the pen was injured and began to bleed.

What/who inspires your writing?

I would say that my sub-conscious mind inspires my writing. Also, it’s pertinent to note that my muse is in the bathroom waiting for me. Any day I don’t bathe, I can’t write anything. The bathroom is the place I feel relaxed and come up with story prompts and all.

Apart from writing, what else do you do?

Apart from writing, I breathe. In fact that’s the first thing I do before writing comes in. Hahahaha! I sing perfectly well in the bathroom and I act well too. Again, I can run very fast, especially out of trouble.

What do you take to be humanity’s greatest creation?


Who is your African hero?

Why? My father of course! He had the only semen that could form me!

The world is ending tomorrow. What will you do till then?

There is no point running up and down doing what you haven’t been able to do since. I will go to a drug store and buy a sleeping pill and sleep into the end of the world.

What’s your furthest memory backwards?

When things were really bad at home and I had to hawk some stuff for money! A painful memory though.

Which cartoon character would you like to be?

Jerry !

That song that never gets boring to your ears?

Christian music can never and has never bored me.

What is that thing you did as a kid you wish you still would?

Soak my slice of bread inside the cup of tea! That stuff is a blessing.

Who’s that character you wish you’d pull out of the screen/book and elope with?

Oh Jesus! Gabriele union! Any time! Any day. I am a freak for her!

What do you think of the African creative and artistic industry?

This is an important question. Errrrrm… I see the industry as a growing neophyte with huge prospects. The bane of the industry is un-seriousness and copy copy! We Africans have sworn never to be African. We choose to toe the line of our colonial masters. If this continues, the cultural heritage will one day rumple beyond straitening. The culturcide perpetrated by trying to be American or English is of the devil!

Any random question you’d like to ask the world?

I will ask the world why it is round like a ball!

Mark Anthony Osuchukwu will be publishing his first book in 2016. Read more from his blog

5 thoughts on “Get To Know Osuchukwu Mark Anthony

  1. An edifyng piece, just like a gush of fresh air, after suffocating in an unending tide of plagiarism. Proud to say I know the ”man”.

  2. Interesting! If I see more of this kind of interview on your blog, then I will always sleep here. I guess I won’t anyway, or else you get Mark to talk on something else. He is exceptionally unique.

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