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Fiction is a cloud
Grey with teary emotions
But not
when about us.

We have won fictitious wrangles
Fought in shadows
of battlefields,
We have trounced Kings
Slain their queens
Then stood,
then sat,
then ruled their throne-
Our fiction
All in a comfort of closed eyes
holding hands
Wishing to stars that
don’t feed from moons of the round earth,
the real world-
Our fiction

Fiction is a flower
Blossoming with the intent
Of meeting the naris
But not
When about us.
We have been insects
Working for queens we
Haven’t any interest in.
we have perched on scents
So pure
Yet we can’t keep
the inhale-
Our fiction

Fiction is a living thing
needs to feel
needs to
touch back
Needs to be
Neither the past
For it isn’t there
Nor the future
For it isn’t there
Needs to be
For it is here
Where we can own fiction-
Our fiction

Gufy Dox (Oscar Ogero)

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