Envy Me Now | by @SagnaNoel

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In those days
I seemed to be the only one
who seemed to have a job.

Everyone else seemed to be younger than I was
or they had already made it in their lives and
had all the time in the world
to just sit back
and write their brains out.

It never seemed to make sense.

They said they woke up to write before work
but I could swear they had no work at all.
They paid their rent by magic and
their food was dropped from heaven like manna.

I was the only one on the edge
unable to find the time to do it.

Well, that was before
I figured it all out.

The secret was to stop trying.

And I stopped doing it
and started telling myself that
if I found the time to do it
then that would be it at last.

Then sometime later on,
walking home in the evening
I found all this time
dumped by the roadside.

It was packed in a big gurney bag.

Well, I carried it home with me
and ever since that day,
I’ve never run out of time
to sit down and write again.


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