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Carry me
Far from sunsets and soon to be withered flowers
Away from phony conjured warmth
Flown under the guise of chocolate fondness.
Not near words inked in cards
Nor the suspense bred with the play of ribbons upon coloured boxes
Away from births of new gifts inscribed as care
Far from open sleighs with horses

Carry me
Far from white sands and the singing of its breeze
Far from holding hands with hearts held apart
Not near morning scents or the fall of the rain upon our clasped selves.
Far away from far
Carry me not
To candles lit on tables
Nor ring hidden in fine wine
Far away from bended knee.
Carry me
To the tip of your lips
I haven’t kissed
To the coarse of parts your soul keeps
Hold me with the rarest of touch your hands hide
Carry me
Beneath the ugly your beauty seats upon
Take me to the distance I see mapped in your eyes
In the subtle of moments I too will carry you.

Gufy Dox (Oscar Ogero)

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