A Tale

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There is a tale clawing at my rib cage,

tugging on my arteries

begging to be heard.

Hands cupped into a whistle,

ready to sing for supper

some food for thought

words that could eradicate world hunger.

They’re itching at my finger tips

and dancing on my tongue.

Their melody a symphony

whose tone I can’t decipher.

Their rhythm tapping on my toes

beats drumming in my ears,

vibrations coursing through my veins

but their harmony escapes my lobes.

A tale of sorrow

a tale of pride

a tale of love, hidden deep inside.

In the crevices of my voice,

the nooks and crannies of a whisper.

Somewhere peaking through the cracks,

an opening,

a window

for my soul to peer through.

Somewhere sliding through the rift

a chink,

a glimmer,

in the light that sneaks through.

There is a tale clawing at my rib cage,

it is my heart trying to escape.


– Laura Wanjirũ Ekumbo

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