Heavens Cry With Silence | by Glady Mwende

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Thin raindrops that awaken the serene beauty of the tropic
down the Nile
Washing away slavery and bloody patches of color in brains
Show me one more pebble drawn with illiterate art
Are we animals?

Are we very cultured to be called the Third World?
Ours, ours is the Third World where no one trespasses with no believes
with no artistic nature, with no dreams,
A world with different regime
Where manhood is embraced knowing that romance is after the sunset
Where womanhood is beyond beauty and culture but silence
Where the birds sing the first century songs because they are nostalgic
Of the days the days the beats of the drums sent a message
Of the days children sat around fire and listened to the fable stories
Of the days clans fought and heroes marked
Now filled with the new
Far from the norm
A new baby was born, and to the whole world it was the third
Heavens cry with silence

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