Get To Know “Shiru wa Mum”

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• How can you describe yourself in a summarized manner?

It is so hard to describe myself! Can we go with a really talkative person who does not like constant conversations? No?
I tend to be pithy while holding conversations.

• When did you pen your first independent piece (poem or story – apart from school work)?

When I was in primary school. I wrote a song for some choir competition (Yes, I sang in a choir once; soprano)

• What inspires your writing?

Everything. I think inspiration is everywhere, all around us.

• Apart from writing what else do you do? (Hehe we know how that question feels like)

Umh…I work for an advertising agency.

• Why don’t you use a stage name?

I do not perform anywhere so I don’t see the need for one.

• What do you think is man’s greatest invention?

The internet and maybe cars (I cannot imagine a life without these, all that walking maen!)

• Who would you term as a Kenyan hero? Why?

Does saying my mum count? She is simply the strongest woman I know. I think mothers are just great people.

• The world was to end tomorrow, what would you do till then?

Hang out with my family all day.

• What’s your earliest memory?

My dad teaching me The Lord’s prayer when I was in Nursery School.

• If you were a cartoon character, which one would it be?

The chicken in Cow and Chicken; finding humor in everything.

• Three words to describe your brain?
Vibrant. Just that

• What is that song that never gets boring to your ears?

I don’t have any.

• What is the most unforgettable thing that has ever happened to you on stage?

The two times that I have performed, I forgot all my lines.

• What is that thing you did as a kid you wish you still would?

Not paying bills

• What do you think of the Kenyan creative and artistic industry?

It is on the right track, the growth is quite evident.

• Who’s that character you wish you’d pull out of the screen/book and elope with?

Elope? No, I don’t like the idea of living with someone for a lifetime that much.

• Any random question you’d like to ask the world?

Can we go now?

Shiru wa Mum

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