How Not To Love

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I wake up and you’re gone. Abruptly, as if with a dream. I look for clues. The pillow is damp— a memorialized patch of grey on the white. Sweat? Tears? Dribble, perhaps. You sleep with your mouth open, your lips apart in frozen, erotic astonishment. Or mid-climax? I like watching you sleep your dead sleep, […]

Everything White by Olubunmi Familoni

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Everything white is good. They don’t teach you that shit in school. Growing up in a predominantly black neighbourhood, this thing begins to darken your consciousness at an early age, the reality colouring the rest of your sad life… White is good. Everything white– – light, peace, virginity, Michael Jackson, America, the clouds, angels, Heaven, […]

His Thoughts

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The wood was smooth when his fingers slid down, but he could feel small ridges when he traced them up again. The only evidence that termites left after they were unable to chew the whole plank off. They had abandoned it and gone to look for another source of food. Or maybe they hadn’t moved […]