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My husband is marrying a second wife! It is tearing my heart apart! Am I not enough? He said he loves how her waist moves to the drum beats of chakachaka Pretty mama of high seas He said she is very pricey Her laughter sweet and spicy So I trashed all of me and tried […]


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A dedication to all the Facebook poets For a while I couldn’t believe it They call me shallow because my pocket is surfaced It can’t go deeper… it doesn’t carry the notes or cheques required to make a book or album They call me weak because my poetry travels thorough a system that accommodates all […]


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Deep down its flawed, head down knees kissing the floor, We feel his claws, refusing to acknowledge the facts, That we are never alone, yet it seems like no one cares Hands locked together, a faithless world is born, A hear a Halle Mary sworn. Deals made, good and bad with promises of better tomorrows, […]


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She gazes only a cheek, As she turns to steal a kiss, From her once true love, Ends up with a miss. Single tear slides down her cheek, She lies with him but alone, Wonders to herself, Where did their love go? He feigns a stretch and a yawn, Turning quickly to his side, Under […]