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“Muuga” “Muuga mûno” “Keke! Ka wî gûkû?” “Ummm…ndejîre îcho.” “I bûû bwega ni. Ûcokete rî? ” “Naarua .” “Nîu nii. Kethania okinya.” “Nkabakethia.” The above paragraph is an example of someone speaking Kimeru to me. Not with me but to me. I have lived on this earth for 22 years and as noticed by those […]

The Pickpocket In Church

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A pickpocket was caught in church today. The pickpocket only identified as Snatchy was caught in the Catholic Church of Nowapi. He was caught by a pregnant nun as he tried to snatch her Bible which was the only copy in the church. The pickpocket was then man(and woman)handled by a gay couple who frog-marched […]