Hey Love

Hey Love, I’m sorry it’s taken some time for me to write back to you. I’ve read all of your messages and I know you’ve been worried sick. I truly am sorry, but with everything that has happened lately I couldn’t bring myself to leave the house, let alone reach out to you.

A Picture of a Row of Ducks

‘You’re just – what’s the word now –,’ Father began, about Mother, in that tight exaggeration-of-exasperation manner he developed in itchy moments like this (there are usually no words (enough) for him to describe what Mother is just), then, not finding the ‘word’ he didn’t seem to have looked hard enough for, continued in a […]

The Man Called Njakubu

Jacob Muthuri Kiome, born 51 years ago in Meru is a man who has seen much in this world and struggled through thick and thin to get where he is. He started his schooling in Nkubu Primary school where he struggled hard enough to secure a place in Form One, in the high flying St. […]