A Week Later | by Veon Ngugi

We stood on the other side of the road, at the edge of the pedestrian crossing. Our bodies were in the way and yet somehow still managed to let traffic pass. He stood talking business with his friend, while the friend’s girlfriend and I stood aside and watched people pass. We saw who was rushing […]

8 Memorable Things To Do In Mombasa

  The holidays are here and the hot coastal town of Mombasa beckons, with its beaches and the promise of good times! Sadly, many clueless people with grand dreams of having a great time at the beach will visit Mombasa and head right to Pirates Beach, which is hands down, the shittiest, most crowded of […]

The Morning After | By Alvin Kathembe

Angela snapped wide awake. For a few seconds she just lay there with her eyes open, staring at the dirty ceiling.   Everything was wrong.   It was a strange room, with strange, sweaty smells; strange, dirty walls with tiny bloody pockmarks where mosquitoes had been squished. Beneath her was a strange, wafer-thin mattress through […]