Balls, Rugby And I

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I was a pussy growing up – to put it mildly. I was scrawny, tiny and the youngest in my class all through. Kids picked on me all the time and I couldn’t stand for myself. Mostly, I just broke down and wept – frequently. Tears came easy to me, they held me by the […]

DEAD LOVE By Oduor Jagero

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After the call, and without thinking again, Festus, my only son, took the glass, half-filled with hydrogen cyanide, studied the highly noxious solution for a minute or two, and then ignoring the repercussions, he took it all in one swallow. The papers and gutters and the bloggers went ballistic. Mainstream press slightly toned their language; […]

#BOGOF: Tomorrow Is Me

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On July 26th 2014, you be part of an enthralling music, poetry, and art extravaganza at the Hilton Nairobi’s Amboseli ballroom. The event dubbed “TOMORROW IS ME” is brought to you courtesy of, the B.O.G.O.F. events in collaboration with the Hilton Nairobi. It is intended to run from 3 pm to 7 pm. Charges for […]

The Base: Of Men, Women and Art

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Casanova? No, I wouldn’t call him that. He’s just good with the ladies, very good. Maybe mostly because he’s tall ,dark and can sing himself out of anything … apart from knickers. Those he croons into. “…manze sijawai rada mamanzi…” He says that while cutting up a fish finger, the fork pierces it cleanly, then […]