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If you’re a sucker for new experiences and a lover of stories and art, fashion, fine food and basically the versatile cool stuff that life is made of, you should definitely save the 31st of October.

Chronicles of Africa, set to take place at the Lord Egerton Castle, serves as a convention of artists and art enthusiasts, as well as foodies, fashionistas and party lovers. The castle will be open to all who will attend and for photo lovers, inclusive in the 500 bob ticket, is the chance for a photo shoot around the castle, with three outfits of your liking.

The event kicks off at 9a.m. with an Arts and Photography exhibition as well as a food festival, games, fun fare and music performances throughout the day. At 6p.m the red carpet kicks off along with the invite only fashion show which will happen inside the castle.

Those without VIP tickets shouldn’t worry though because, under the stars (Or clouds? Let’s hope it will be stars…) a major bonfire will be lit around which storytellers, poets and other creative artists can showcase their works. The VIP fashion event ends at 9 p.m and the Bonfire Experience carries on till 11 after which, the DJ takes over with an after party till the morning hours.

The castle grounds are open for campers so if you won’t be up all night dancing, you can bring a tent or sleeping bag, or blanket… knock yourself out but carry something warm; apparently Nakuru is chilly at night.

Transport (for tickets already purchased) will be freely available from Nakuru town to the Castle courtesy of the organizers, and those tickets can be booked here through the numbers on the event poster below.

For any questions on the event, tweet them @Pichaafrica and include the hashtag #ChroniclesOfAfrica.  You can also follow the event on Facebook.

See you there!


source: http://www.pichaafrica.com


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