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when in high school, 99.99%of pupils dream of getting into campus because everyone thinks it is the epitome of education and that is where one is assured of getting a piece of paper that will be your ticket to a job that will pay millions. sorry. you have been misled.

most think university education gives you the ticket to heaven but its more of getting yourself that ticket rather than the university giving you one. trust me. most people do things they never wanted to do and sometimes, no matter how hard you read, your grade depends on the lecturer and what they think of you. in worse cases, you are so many in one class that the lecturer doesn’t have a clue what your face looks like. so if for example he was marking a paper and it happened that he got mugged the day before, he wont be in a very tolerant mood so a retake might be in order for you.(just one retake means that you lose the chance to graduate with first class honors).

ask the Bachelor of Commerce student in my campus and they will give you crazy stories about what their lecturers tel them. one told a pal of mine(who is in a class of 900 students) that “i really pity those who study very hard for their exams because no matter how well you answer, do you seriously expect me to mark 900 papers within the set deadline?”

there is a class in which half the students got As and Bs while the other half got retakes. now i have to mention that getting a retake is really hard to get. so for a whole half class to get retakes in my opinion is really suspicious. i don’t believe half a class is that DUMB! do you?

Truth is, some people get poor grades that they don’t deserve and end up with a tainted piece of paper called a university certificate full of Ds. others graduate with first class honors and end up tarmacking for years before they settle for a career that has nothing to do with why they spent four years in campus. its really crazy!

so when you cry that you want to get to campus by all means, ask yourself this :what are you going to do in campus? if the answer is to get a degree, then i will let you know that what you want is merely a piece of paper which some are comfy having with even if it just sits on a photo-frame in the living room.

if your goal however is to get skills and knowledge in order to do what you really want to do with your life, then do study hard and get to campus and study in such a way that even if you land in a class taught by a crappy, lazy lecturer, and your certificate is tainted, you still have skills that employers fight for because they don’t need to see As on you paper to know you are good. campus is more of what you do rather than how hard you read.

if however, you miss campus, don’t think you have lost too much. there are so many ways to get to where you want to be in life. just open your eyes and think outside the box. #fact# university education is not the only ticket to a good life.


  1. Life is what you make it. Know what you want and go for it. Having a degree is an added advantage, but it is not everything. Many people have succeeded yet they were primary school drop outs. And just like you’ve mentioned, many are not fairing well in life yet they have degrees and scored enviable grades. That’s life.

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