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So the film THE WOLF OF WALL STREET has been banned in Kenya thanks to our film classification board (KFCB) who claim we deserve so much better than Leonardo Di Caprio in a film that has superb ratings!

Apparently they are concerned about the graphic and sexual nature of the film; which begs the question: have these people watched any films in the past 5 years?

a scene from Spartacus (2010-2013)

The above photo is a cleverly framed but everyone knows Spartacus is anything but this modest.

These KFCB people are a bunch of ostriches with their heads stuck in the sand.  I bet they don’t even know we have Kenyan porn in vernacular! And when they  start like this, they are merely stifling film making creativity  in Kenya and promoting piracy cuz trust me, 50 bob copies of The Wolf Of Wall Street will be making quick rounds from here on (oh they already started making rounds!) Trust Kenyans to get their hands on anything they want especially when its been banned/censored.

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The Kenyan piracy mantra

The day KFCB will be headed by passionate film enthusiasts and actual filmmakers- coupled with a few hackers and compute gurus, then they can successfully censor/ ban a film that’s already making rounds on the internet. Before then, they should just sit tight and watch the world coming to an end.


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