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As a Nairobian you must master the art of smelling rain the way cows do.  And the moment you do, be out of town before it actually begins cuz when it does, it’s a freaking stampede!

On normal Nairobi days, people are high on a speed rush; when it rains, it POURS in three ways:

1-      It usually happens at rush hour and everyone wants to get home. Add rain and suddenly, it’s a competition!

2-      Fare hikes to ridiculous heights as though the roads expanded and the distance is doubled!

3-      Traffic jams all roads as though the rain has closed down all roads from town.

The traffic on rainy days is one thing I have ever understood! Its like suddenly there are about a thousand more cars in tao! And the misbehaving matatus do not help.

How to survive Nairobi rain

1-      Smell it… and be out of tao way before 4 -5pm(rush hour)

2-      Do not drive your personal car…if you lose your temper easily.
Matatus drive people nuts on normal days. On rainy days they overlap causing worse jams and pure hell for drivers who follow traffic rules.

3-      Carry as much cash as you can…if you can’t leave town before rush hour.
There is no telling how high fare will hike.

Alternatively, Chill out

Save up about 100-200 bob for a cup of coffee or two. If you are not needed home asap, you  might as well chill out and nurse a coffee as you wait for the rain to die down. This works great in three ways

  1. Rush hour prices go down by 7-8pm so you’ll probably  pay less- (unless you come from Rongai  :-D)
  2. The rain usually dies down by 8 and every person who was rushing, is gone so chances are, traffic is less.(not dead)
  3. You can watch Nairobi life from a window and appreciate it.

Nairobi is actually very beautiful when you stop and actually look 🙂


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