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I am very anti marriage and pro divorce.  I watch soaps a lot nowadays and find it a bit amusing when pro marriage/anti divorce people watch and follow soaps obsessively; always  rooting for the lovebirds who are separated by fate and the people they are married to.

Is the irony lost on married people?

Pro-marriage people be like “WEKA CONDOM MPANGONI ADVERT IS FOUUUUUUUUL!” but when it’s Maxmilliano and Maria (who is a clande by all senses of the word) people are in tears and SO BADLY want them to be together  because their love is so very beautiful and they are so meant for each other (Cry me a river!)

Is it just me who finds something terribly disturbing with soap operas? I mean,  I don’t care much for marriage and its vows but if someone got  into marriage, it’s only right he/she should honor their vows.

Most soap operas spread the notion that it’s okay for a man to marry a woman they don’t love, while still stalking  the “love of their life”, get them pregnant and in the end, the wife is left and the clande taken up. Do people really not see this?

Are men so stupid they can be “forced” to marry a woman they were “tricked” into sleeping with? How honorable are they that they must marry the woman they “accidentally impregnated”  but on the side, still go after the other woman who is the “queen of their heart”? What’s honour, what’s love, and what’s just downright stupidity?

What is marriage in soap operas but a mistake you can commit, cheat in the name of love and divorce yet again because your were too foolish to say no in the first place?

For someone who is very anti-marriage, I’d think the pro-marriage people would be even more against soaps the way they were against the weka condom mpangoni ad. But no. How many pages were formed against the advert because it “insults the marriage institution”? Plenty; even though it promoted safe sex.  Do you see any FB pages protesting soap operas which advocate for mpango wa kando and unprotected sex? I don’t. Talk of misplaced priorities.

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