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US:How can described yourself in a
summarized manner?

SKILLZ: Simple sad is what i can say

US: When did u pen ur first poem?

SKILLZ : First poem 2006 Dec

US: They say Most of your poems are
sad. Is there a reason for that?

SKILLZ: My days are full of sadness that’s the
feeling i bring out

US: Apart from poetry what else do you

SKILLZ: Am a civil eng by profession

US: Skillz the poet. Why the name ‘Skillz’?

SKILLZ: Haha Skillz is a nickname they used
on me at home,for rapping that 2010
wrap up

US: What do you think is man’s greatest

SKILLZ: A gun be mans’ greatest invention

US: Who is that person you’ve always
admired and why?

SKILLZ: Mummar Gaddafi, his way of
defending his people

US: The world ends tomorrow. What do
you do till then?


US: If you were a cartoon character, who
would that be?

SKILLZ:  Jerry

US: Three words to describe your brain

SKILLZ: Hehehe Dead, Cold, Crafty

US: That song that never gets boring to
your ears?

SKILLZ: Running by Tupac and B.I .G

US: What’s your preference? Writing Or

SKILLZ: Performing

US: If you could choose a career
without education and stuff, you’d be?

SKILLZ: Mhhm lets see, farmer

US:what do you think of the Kenyan
creative and artistic industry?

SKILLZ:  Selective and self centered
US: Any
random question that you’d like to ask
the world?

SKILLZ: If i died today,would you cry for

courtesy of Storyzetu

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