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How can you describe yourself in a summarized manner?

In a state of constant evolution, big thirst for knowledge, free spirit

When did you pen your first independent piece (poem or story – apart from school work)?

In high school I think. Before then, reading was my escape and I discovered that writing was even better so I took it up. I wrote a lot, even had a collection but someone lost it. I think some copies of some of the pieces I wrote can be found somewhere in my old room at home if I dig deep and hard enough. I should find them and see how much I’ve grown.

What inspires your writing?

There are a lot of things that make me feel like writing. I could be taking a walk, or listening to a song or having a conversation for example and just get an idea and lines start forming in my head. I always write to music.
Also mostly my thoughts and feelings. If something has been eating at my mind I will work it over through
writing. And if I feel passionately enough about something, someone or an issue I will write about it. Also Andrea Gibson is my spirit animal.

Apart from writing what else do you do?

Anything else. Apart from day to day living and school (I study Economics) I like being in a really really quiet place and just be there. I’m of varied interests so I tend to pick up very random things very often. Started judo a while ago.

When will you quit Economics and pick a pen for good?

(I see what you did there.)

At the moment none is hindering the other.

What do you think is man’s greatest invention?

The internet

If the world was to end tomorrow, what would you do till then?
Sit back and watch people freak out. Because people will, and it will be fascinating to observe the mayhem. I wonder who will be prepared.

What’s your earliest memory?

I have tons of early memories, hard to pinpoint which was earliest. But I remember one day when I was maybe four or something and I was thinking I was really smart as I had tricked my way to extra snacks
before bedtime so I proceeded to hide the snacks on a slipper under a sofa in a shared room. Needless to say I never saw them again and of course there were denials everywhere.

If you were a cartoon character, which one would it be?
Someone asked me this just a few days ago actually. My answer still remains Mulan. Or Buck from ice age,
he’s just Buck.

What is that song that never gets boring to your ears?
Todii ­ Oliver Mtukudzi

Why do you prefer this cloak of invisibility around you? (Even freaking Google can’t find you! (Does Larry Page know this?)
It was such a perfect fit, I just had to take it.

What is that thing you did as a kid you wish you still would?
As a kid the world was so magical and I was a sponge going around absorbing everything, utterly fascinated
and insatiable. And I could feel the energy that surrounded me with absolutely no barriers or filters.That’s an ability age and mostly experience has stolen away from me. I would love to see everything and the world through those eyes again.

What do you think of the Kenyan creative and artistic industry?
On the right track, it’ll get there

Who’s that character you wish you’d pull out of the screen/book and elope with?
Oooh, now that’s a tough one. Andrea Gibson…Hannah Hart

Any random question you’d like to ask the world?
why are so many people so keen on you to end ?
(we see what you did there as well)

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