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• How can you describe yourself in a summarized manner?

With a soul forged by the tender kiss between the White and Blue Niles, I am a child of the Great Nile, who inhales Afrika, & exhales humanity through story telling.

• When did you pen your first independent piece (poem or story – apart from school work)?

I started blogging about 5 years ago but didn’t start writing – what I’m still uncomfortable calling – poetry until about 2 years ago.

• What inspires your writing?

The human struggle.

• Apart from writing what else do you do? (Hehe we know how that question feels like)

Would you like the summary or dissertation?
I studied law – currently taking the scholarly route with that, still through writing. I also just dipped my feet into social enterprise – we’ll see how that goes. Other than that, I’m a clown who’s never managed to put that spoken humor to paper.

• Why don’t you use a stage name?

My writing is a reflection of what I stand for and the values I believe in. It is my truth. As such, I have never had a reason to separate the story teller from the person.

• What do you think is man’s greatest invention?

The art of writing. Even years after you leave the earth your words live on and people re-live your experiences – be they personal, borrowed or imagined experiences.

• Who would you term as a Kenyan hero? Why?

Dedan Kimathi because the mention of Kenya as an independent country, is tied in to the struggles of Kimathi and the KLFA.

• The world was to end tomorrow, what would you do till then?
What’s the guarantee that it’s ending?

• What’s your earliest memory?

Can dreams count?
There’s a scary cat that used to chase my mum in my childhood dreams.

• If you were a cartoon character, which one would it be?

I barely know any characters. Never been much of a cartoon person.

• Three words to describe your brain?

It doesn’t follow rules.

• What is that song that never gets boring to your ears?

Steve Kekana’s ‘All I Need (is right here in Africa)’. Something about that beat and song always makes me happy. I’m just about to find my headphones and play it after this.

• What is the most unforgettable thing that has ever happened to you on stage?

I actually haven’t been on stage that much, and so I’m yet to have a ‘unforgettable’ moment as such.

• What is that thing you did as a kid you wish you still would?

Speak my mind honestly.
Today, I can’t say ‘Paul Kagame is full of shit for parading as a Pan-Africanist yet he’s built, and is building, Rwanda at the expense of Congo’. That would be disrespectful and irresponsible. Hence that was just a hypothetical example.

• What do you think of the Kenyan creative and artistic industry?

It’s underrated. What’s documented – be it on paper or visually – is not even close to a quarter of what’s out there!

• Who’s that character you wish you’d pull out of the screen/book and elope with?


• Any random question you’d like to ask the world?

I really don’t mean to start a controversy or anything like that, but the chicken or the egg? 😀



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