Five Freaking Month Holiday?!

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Sounds ironical considering the fact that in high school, we could hardly wait for the end to exams and school work. Being in campus however, studying what you totally enjoy with a class of crazy ass pals who make you laugh every day is whole new story. So you do understand why i am moaning about a five month holiday!

If i were in campus those months, i would make a couple more films and work on more projects! Too bad when one is not in session, one cannot live within campus premises and thus access to free campus equipment is impossible. There go my films!

Anyway, i hate whining and instead thought of what to do these 5 months to keep me busy and make good use of my time. If like me you are at loss of what to do read on and get ideas! Forget the usual get a job and earn something. We all know that’s easier said than done. So here are things to do during the holiday

1. Get new hobby/hobbies

My friends tease me from having so many hobbies but I tell you they are great to have. I get bored very fast and that’s why i have to be on the move. Watch a movie, buy paints, brushes and paper and start painting. Better still, if you are artsy, buy beads and make jewelry. You could even earn from that, or better yet, just make it for yourself! Check out this list of hobbies( and decide what tickles your fancy.

2.Learn a new language

Forget that crap about paying crazy fees to study French and Spanish! Why not get a teach yourself book on a foreign language? Better yet, get a pen pal who will serve as training ground! You could even teach them Swahili! People out there happen to be interested in our language too you know! How about learning sign language? If you can’t pay the fees, hang out around deaf people and try communicating with them. It thrills them a lot and you learn so much more than sitting through classes

3. Start a blog

Some of us are campus students and studying something or have an area in which we excel. Sometimes you only need a bit of research to seem like an expert at something. If you study film, tell us why we should watch this and that movie. If you study food and nutrition, why not tell us what food we should eat to make us sexier? (Okay that’s farfetched but do try to be interesting!) it will keep you on your toes and challenge you to find out more about your field of study. It’s a no brainer that it will do wonders to your career!

4. Volunteer

Now, much as I am suggesting it, I have issues with this part. There are many places to volunteer to teach or just help around and get a little allowance if possible. I myself have been very interested in doing this but I search the net and I cannot find a place that needs help and doesn’t require me to pay 150 dollars to volunteer. Tell me again; why the fuck should someone pay to help out? It fails me. But if you have info about any volunteer vacancies, in a comment and help a sister could also help likeminded people!

So there you have it. Maybe you’re working at a job somewhere, it helps if you have something on the side to keep your personal and social like spicy. What a drag it is to wake up, work, go for lunch, work, go home, sleep, wake up….for five freaking months?! WTF!


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