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For the benefit of those who have no idea what am talking about, CAMPUS DIVAS FOR RICH MEN is a group on FB that posts mostly explicit photos of campus girls seeking relationships, sex e.t.c. with rich men. The admin insists it is not a prostitution page. (:-!

Now, what got to me was not the racy indecent photos . It was the comments.

When the comments had begun flowing in right after the page was highlighted on KTN, I was all excited and stuff (I love drama!)  Then, it got a little too dramatic and hypocritical. People were all over the page calling the women whores, making really nasty commentary and there are condemnations of hell etc. which I found absolutely stupid.

You know, if I was a broke ass chic who thought that of all things, I could only sell my body to get money, you telling me I will go to hell will not make me change and repent! Let us be real people! That YOU-WILL-GO-TO-HELL line does NOT work!

Threats of AIDS? It does not work! I once read about a child prostitute in Mombasa who upon being asked whether she fears being infected answered that AIDS will take her years to die, but hunger will kill her siblings faster. AIDS was the lesser evil.

So the whole attack on the page felt like a mob justice scene. A thief was caught and everyone in the village (even those who have ever stolen) congregate to decide this person is wrong and the only thing to do stone the person. Clean out moral decay from society.

mob justice in Nakuru

I have three words for all those throwing insults at the girls on that page. SHAME ON YOU!

Do you know why?

1) Some of you have secretly enjoyed peeking at the girls on that page! And you are still going back to it. You are just scared of liking it because then, people will know. There are no secrets in FB. However, if it were a secret thing, you would have been a fan if truth be told! Shame on you!

2) And the biggest reason is that among the thousands of comments posted, I came across close to only five comments of people who shared links to modeling agencies and other jobs showing the girls other legitimate ways of making money. I am no god but I do know some of the girls clicked on those links to, at least, see what they offered.

Did you share a link to give them an alternative? No? You just preferred to call them prostitutes cuz they are? Shame on you too!

It is a big pity that we would rather point fingers and call the other person devil rather than sit down with the person and feel the pinch of his/her shoes. It is always easier to stone someone to death rather than waste time to understand why they do what they do right?

It is costly to start finding them alternative lifestyles because we have our own problems, right?  So let us just condemn all prostitutes and shoot them on site! I mean, they are the to blame for every catastrophe that befalls us! Hell, why not go ahead and lock up all rehab centers and leave drug addicts to die on the streets? They got themselves in the freaking mess right? Who cares?

Society will never be moral unless we care about each other. As long as there are no alternatives, people will always turn to vice to survive. As long as we would rather sit back and condemn, rather than getting up and doing something, society will keep rotting and it will begin with the rot that is inside us. That filthy rot that tells us we are morally upright and that gives us the right to condemn others. Shame on you!

If you really care about the state of things, do not just point a finger. Do something! If you are not going to do something, then shut the hell up!


  1. ”It is a big pity that we would rather point fingers and call the other person devil rather than sit down with the person and feel the pinch of his/her shoes.” R u serious, these gals have access to basic food, accommodation and all the atha things a student needs. they are jux engaging in these activities to finance their lavish lifestyles, which in my opinion is not necessary. I mean aint they in school to study in the first place. so wen u say lets step into their shoes n feel the pinch ua jux being ridiculous. U cud say that to the people in turkana or sth, those who r in real need of money.

    1. Anonymous, you really havent had pals who more often than not have no cash to get food and other needs ,have you? i know many. very many! and no some of them do not engage in prostitution, they seek other alternatives. but some do. and if people offered them a chance to make good money they would go for it i am sure. no one wants to ask what are they missing. people just want to assume they have all they need. who asks “what are they missing to go to such extents?” like i said ”It is a big pity that we would rather point fingers and call the other person devil rather than sit down with the person and feel the pinch of his/her shoes.”

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