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Dear IMAX,

I don’t know who you fired but it was definitely the wrong guys. A few months ago, I wrote about how awesome you guys were– making cinema accessible and that sort of thing. And I was so looking forward to watching a movie at your cinema but then, some weeks ago, I found out that you’re renting 3D glasses! I’m sorry to say but that’s about the most stupid idea anyone ever came up with!

It’s like buying a bottle of soda then having to pay the shopkeeper again to be able to open the freaking bottle! Or paying for Iko-Toilet then finding out that once inside, you need to pay again so that the door is unlocked for you. Who does that?!

Alafu, who took over managing your FB page because I think they are robots, not humans. And if they’re human, they’re the most anti-social a*holes ever! They just post shit and respond to nothing! NOTHING! Even bots can reply with automated texts! It’s been a whole week now that I’ve been stalking your FB activity and it’s just sad to be on your page. It’s like you guys just scheduled your posts and went on holiday leaving poor film lovers to their monologues!


Speaking of conversations, when someone asks you a question on the FB page, could you just answer it right there and not post a stupid link to your website?

The last time you replied to someone, it was after a bunch of people had asked what “LIMITED TICKETS” means. Instead of telling us right there and then maybe adding a link for those who want more information, you just posted the stupid link and said nothing! There is a reason you guys have an FB page and a website you know. My phone, for one, has issues loading your website and that is why I post my questions on FB. And then some buffoon admin points me to the same stupid website that refused to load!


I don’t know who was managing your FB page like a month or two ago, but you really need to bring that guy back. And if it’s the same person, perhaps you should pay them a little more for the pains they took to answer EVERY SINGLE QUESTION we posted on the page!

Lastly, why do you have a CONTACT US page when none of the lines are answered? Is it a time thing and that’s why my night calls went unanswered? And if IMAX is open till 4a.m., can’t you afford to have people man the phones at 11p.m.? I mean, what if I want to book a ticket for a movie at 2 a.m.? (It could happen!) What then?

I would say “Looking forward to hearing from you” but I have a feeling it’s not going to happen. So I’ll just sign off right here and tell you that even if you don’t do anything about your crappy customer service, I still feel much better about venting.

Yours truly,
(Super-disappointed and not coming to watch a movie even though I really want to! Not that I’m broke either mark you!)

NOTE: Called IMAX this morning and they answered after like FOREVER! So apparently, for the rental of 3D glasses, you don’t pay extra; it’s all inclusive in the ticket. Which brings me to ask IMAX, why put up the 3D glasses rental post? Just shut up about it. If a movie costs 300 bob and for that price, you also get a seat to sit in, don’t call attention with a post saying “Seating Allowance- 100 shillings”. We are paranoid about price tags!



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