Ignorance Is Not Bliss. They Lied

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Ignorance is not bliss, it never was. There are some ignorant statements that I’ve heard in my short life that have no logical leaning whatsoever. And much as it’s said that ignorance is bliss, ignorance annoys me. I can’t stand it. It’s anything but bliss. There are those amongst us who make pathetically ignorant statements that would kill a zombie automatically. I would want to blame them, but I choose to understand them. Largely, it’s not their fault. If you know anyone of them, tag them. Let’s start…


Yea, and potatoes will give you bigger ass. My ass they will! It was okay to believe this 60 years ago when Raila was still pooping his pants, but now it should be criminal. I remember when we were kids,we would be warned not to eat many mangoes because we’d get Malaria. We believed it, till we got to class 5 and were introduced to mosquitoes. Apparently, this myth is alive in West Africa too. Last week I heard two women talking outside a shop in Nairobi. One was telling the other that the reason she got Malaria is because she ate 2 mangoes. Kusema ukweli, how does one’s thinking process navigate round their head and settle upon the preposterous idea that mangoes cause malaria? If anyone can explain this absurd thought process, please have a seat and start


The colonialist left such a huge dent in our black egos that black inferiority has almost become part of our genes. How many times does a mzungu walk in Nairobi and he’s saluted, bowed at, smiled at and worshiped? Every single time. Even Obama was racially secluded when he was in a Nairobi restaurant with his sister before he became president. The waiter decided to serve some white folks ahead of the Obamas who had arrived at the restaurant much earlier. Newsflash my fellow black-skinned humans, no mzungu is a demigod. No mzungu is superior than you are. Stop licking their feet and raise your head proud and strong dammit!


This makes me sad. The only time Chinese kids manufacture anything, is when they are being abused as child workers. Which is nothing to be proud of. Did you know that iPhones are partly made by 13 year olds? 

Pretty much everything came from China. The Tri-Cycle padlocks, the red mathematical sets (which were cheaper than “Oxford” sets), the sharpeners (remember the myth that if you blew your sharpener it got blunt?), even “Cowboy” underwear came from China. In our deep self-hate, someone developed this theory that these things we had were made by some kids in China. Apparently, kids in China knew the square root of 256 by the time they were in class 1. By the time they were in class 3, they had earned engineering degrees and were busy making toys for the poor African kids. Last week, we were driving to town with one of my workmates. I was being driven, don’t get confused. So normally, Japanese Toyota transistor radios have short frequency bars or durations or whatever they are called. They range from about 79.0 FM to about 90.0 FM, which means most of the funky radio stations don’t “catch”.  Kina Kiss, Nation FM, Classic 105, 1 FM etc are out of range. So my colleague notices this and remarks obliviously, “The reason they don’t have a wider FM range is because they are made by university students in Japan.” I was speechless. I just pitied the guy.

Please note, students in China and Japan are ruthlessly failing exams just like you did or you are; same as in the States and Europe and India. And those that are not in school, are slaving away in some Chinese factory so that the UEFA Champions League has a cool Nike ball and you get a cheaper Android phone.


Obijwa “While Europeans and Americans have some understanding of ancient Egypt, Africa south of the Sahara is generally unknown. In fact, some American politicians have publicly declined that there were any ancient civilizations in Sub-Saharan Africa and have used the ignorance to reinforce their own racism.”

This will surprise most of you, Africa was never always uncivilized. If anything, there was a time Africa was the center of the world civilizations. One of the rulers of the ancient Mali kingdom, Mansa Musa;was en route to a pilgrimage in Mecca in 1324. He carried so much gold from Mali, that when he got to Egypt and distributed his gold,he caused inflation and destabilized the Egyptian money market. Egypt only recovered after a dozen years-the great and mighty Egypt. Timbuktu in Mali was a metropolis where cultures mixed with the Tuaregs of the desert, Arabs from Saharan Oases, Soninke merchants and scholars participating in making it a prosperous city. Timbuktu had the Koranic Sankore University which had more than 180 Koranic schools and more than 25,000 students. Even in modern standards, this is a magnificent number. Only about 3 universities in Kenya can surpass that number. However, rarely will you hear this magnificent history mentioned anywhere in Africa or beyond. Timbuktu had a population of more than 100, 000 people in 1450, a quarter being scholars and students, and was a boiling pot of trade, religion and education. The scholars of Timbuktu are known to be the first to have private libraries, not any European man I tell you, not even the glorious King of England. One, Ahmed Baba had more than 1600 volumes and he is recorded as saying that his was one of the smaller collections. And there you have 3 novels by J.K. Rowling and feel like a proffesor. This advent of mass reading is rarely acknowledged in scholarly circles. The West describes the Sankore University as the “Oxford of Africa.” Maybe Oxford should be described as the “Sankore of Europe.” Did you know that Aristotle came to Africa to receive his philosophical teachings before going back to Greece? There’s a reason the family of Jesus came to black Egypt to hide from Herod. Yes, Egypt had black people before being invaded by Arabs. Kwani where do you think kina Jakuom and Araps came from? Up North. Much more remains hidden

Closer home, there were civilizations existing in East Africa too. East Africa was a major trading hub in the Indian Ocean route. Towns like Gedi, Mombasa and Kilwa Kisiwani sprung up from these trades. Kilwa Kisiwani in present day Tanzania came to be in the 7th and 8th century A.D. It was the principal port in Indian Ocean and it has been found to have more Chinese goods than any other Swahili town. This business of facing East is nothing new, let nobody deceive you.

Come to the interior, and the Meru people will confess to a representative democracy society. This democratic government, that existed long before America got their independence and their constitution; was what maintained sanity and peace for about 4 centuries. The “Njúri Ncheke” of the Meru has existed since the 17th century.

I could give more examples of African civilizations like the Aksumites/Axumites, the Meroe, Jenné-Jeno and the Great Kingdom of Zimbabwe (that discovered building using mortar) but I’ll leave it at that.


Is it now? With all those serial killers and guns?

Just in the past 1 year, there have been more than 80 gun attacks in schools in the US. I wouldn’t want my kid in an American school. This is not to say that American or European life is worse than African. Economically, they are much better, but even that is changing. That’s the reason China is going to be the super power before this decade is done. Just Google “Europe is getting poor” then compare with “Africa is getting rich” and decide where you want to be. Those guys in Europe suffocate in taxes and the high cost of living is getting them suicidal. At least here in Africa, I know I can share a meal with my neighbor if things start biting, pun intended. Countries like Greece have become beggars, and that’s just the start. If you see a friend taking a plane to go live or study in majuu don’t feel bad, you’re in a better place.

Now that we have the myths, misconceptions and lies sorted out let me mention one great truth: the day Africans overcome their small thinking and inferior thinking, they shall conquer the world, again. Gaddafi knew that, that’s why they killed him. But they can’t kill all of us now, can they? Wait, they made Ebola for that. But we shall survive

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