Edition II

The second volume of Too Early For Birds seeks to explore the stories of Kenya’s political dissent. From the legendary Bukusu resistance of the 1800’s, to Pio Gama Pinto and on to our very own Nobel Laurate Professor Wangari Mathai as well as the likes of Reverend Timothy Njoya; these stories are all about Kenyans of different colours, backgrounds, creeds, religious beliefs and eras. 

DATES: 29th, 30th July 2017

WHERE: Kenya National Theater

TICKETS: 0706299032


It Is Love That Will Kill You | By Chikelu Chino

1. The rain is falling like grains from above. You sit alone watching the Marcopolo bus. The skin is shimmering and a broad picture of a smiling man is advertising, ‘Glow with GLO.’ Your thoughts are lazy this morning, they are dragging slowly, flowing with the thick texture of cream. You grimace at how common […]

Brother Innocent | By Esomnofu Ebelenna

That Sunday evening Brother Innocent stepped into Papa Ejima’s duplex at No. 44 Ogbatuluenyi Drive, Housing Estate, Onitsha, Papa Ejima’s twin daughters told him that their mother or one of them – the twins -would certainly be impregnated by Brother Innocent, this handsome Brother Innocent with a pair of dimples on either sides of his […]

Twelve | by Maureen Wambũi

It is a very hot day. Temperatures are estimated to be in the upwards of eighty degrees. One can see waves of heat rising above metals and other reflective surfaces. One can feel how sweaty and sticky clothing clings to the body. No quantity of ice cream or cold carbonated drinks can keep the sweltering […]


Do not expect to be offered a chair when you are visiting a place where the chief sits on the floor.

African Proverb